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The Benefits And Detrimental Effects Of Water Ionizers

alkaine water - the benefits and the things you need to know

It’s a known fact that an adult human is made up of 60% percent water. The kind of liquid you consume, may it be tap water or any other type of beverage, plays a significant role in your bodily functions and overall health.

Water ionizers have become a large talking point in the health industry ever since Japan first introduced them in the late 70s. Ionized water or alkaline water is a high pH water that contains large amounts of highly charged hydroxyl ions and free electrons.

Ionizing your water is based on the common fact that an acidic body causes illness, hence, drinking more alkaline water into the system would cure your ailments. The idea makes sense and there is a lot of scientific studies and testimonials to back this up, however, it is also important to specify a few things.

The Healthy Benefits of Alkaline Water

Here are some of the healthy reasons why people are readily drinking ionized water.

  • Drinking alkaline water restores your body’s pH balance. Your body may be too acidic when you often feel too tired and lethargic, you experience frequent colds, illnesses, joint pain or infection, and your hair, nails, and skin are unhealthy. Your body’s pH balance affects your overall mood and bodily functions.
  • Alkaline water is an excellent source of anti-oxidants. It is said that drinking ionized water can neutralize the abundance of free radicals inside since the negative electrical charge of your water intake makes it a potent antioxidant. There are actually many scientific studies to back up this claim.
  • Your alkaline water intake increases hydration. Because ionized water is molecularly restructured and micro-clustered, it is more easily absorbed by the body. Regular tap water has large clusters of about 15 molecules while ionized water restructures the water down to about seven molecules. This smaller clusters of water can easily hydrate your body at the cellular level and flush out acidic solid toxins accumulated over time.
  • Ionizing water through the process of electrolysis creates hydrogen-rich water above the theraputic levels set by the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation.

The Side Effects Of Drinking Ionized Water

Below are some areas where drinking alkaline water might pose some minor problems.

    • Drinking too much alkaline water can cause a stomach ulcer. Since the alkalinity of your stomach is raised due to the massive intake of ionized water, the acidity of your stomach will be buffered, and the ability to digest food will be impaired. Also, low stomach acid is one of the most common causes of ulcers.
    • Drinking ionized water disrupts your small intestine’s function. Alkaline water neutralizes acidity only to areas where it has direct contact, for instance, your stomach and the small intestine. When consumed them daily, your small intestine may become overly alkaline which results in side effects like irregular heart function, nervousness, anxiety, hypertension, and stabbing side pains.

Today, the pros and cons of drinking alkaline water remain a much-heated debate. But no matter your views with regards to the healthy benefits and detrimental effects of drinking alkaline water, in the end, it is still a matter of finding the right balance. Remember, too much of a good thing might turn out to be a bad thing. So, we recommend to supplement with alkaline water but also consider purchasing a water ioinizer because they contain the world’s best water filters.

Where To Buy Ionized Alkaline Water

There are many companies out there selling water ionizers. There are also many companies who sell bottled alkaline water, although it is not held to the same standard unless the alkalinity comes from a natural source, such as Figi Water. We recommend doing your homework before making any type of purchase on a high quality water ionizer machine, so here’s a list of a few resources we trust.


Ionizer Research is a good resource because it is very unbiased, and compares all the different water ionizer brands on the market. Many of the people we are close with really enjoy their Tyent water ionizer machine because they say it’s the industry standard, and it holds a lifetime warranty. We think it’s worth checking out.

Here’s a YouTube video of the man who runs Ionizer Research:

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